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Roarin' 20's

Roarin' 20's

We had my bachelorette party here in Chicago, and it was SO much fun! If you're looking for some group activities to do around town, keep on reading!

Everyone arrived on Friday, so we ordered some Piece (the best) pizza and salads, and hung out on our roof deck. Before people came over, my friends turned our apartment in to a 1920's DREAM! (I am really in to 1920's, so they ran with it).

My really crafty girlfriend glitzed up everything – it was amazing and simple! Just add a few layers of modge podge and glitter and – viola! 

She even used her Silhouette Machine (seriously cannot WAIT to get one of these) to make this fabulous banner (above) and these personalized glasses (below). 

These pictures don't even capture the amazing job they did to dress everything up, but I'll share them anyway!

After eating, we hopped over to the Acme Hotel to partake in the Bunny Slope in all its glory.

There were a couple bumps with things like timing with the hotel, but other than that we had a really great time! And who doesn't love taking shots out of a mini ski boot?!

Saturday morning we headed to ZaZa Zoo Nails, which was the cutest spot for our group – and it's BYOB!


From there we went up to Waterfront Cafe, which was SO cute and right on the lake!

Once evening hit it was time to go FULL theme. Everyone dressed up in their best (or Amazon's best) flapper gear, and got ready to hit the town! 

We started with dinner at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba – which is not only delicious, but also perfect for a large group, as they don't have a minimum!

From there, WE GOT A TROLLEY and it was magnificent!!! 

My wonderful gal pal planned out the stops, and the first one was the ultra exclusive Room 13. How she got us in, I still have no idea, but now that I've been I NEED to go back!

My mother made me take this photo.

My mother made me take this photo.

Riding around on the trolley was in and of itself such a great time – even the banner made it on! (Best. Banner. Ever.)

From Room 13 we went to Green Mile, an amazing jazz bar that throws many reminders to Al Capone – David and myself will definitely be back here soon. 

After that we bopped around town, and it's safe to say that I had the BEST bachelorette party with the best friends. I couldn't have asked for more, and I am so thankful for each and everyone of these people!

Did I miss any of your favorite "speakeasy" bars in Chicago? If so, tell me about them in the comments! 

Showered with Love

Showered with Love