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DIY Wedding Decor

DIY Wedding Decor

In honor of our Engagiversary coming up this Sunday (May 21st), I thought I would do a wedding post and share some of the DIY things we've done for our wedding.

As I've said in previous posts, my mom and myself are trying to do parts of our wedding on our own, to both add our own touch AND to cut costs. One of the easiest things for us to tackle were elements for our reception tables. 

First, I thought about our table numbers, and what I wanted. I knew I wanted something simple – seriously, who pays THAT much attention to table numbers? Unless they really stand out, I rarely remember them. With this in mind I found a great tutorial on Pinterest for making your own table numbers from Ikea items. We started by buying these $0.99 frames from Ikea, and spray painted them gold. 

And spray painting them gold. 

Then, with a little help from Photoshop, I made inserts for each of the frames.

This process was SUPER simple, and I think they turned out pretty well!

Next, we tackled the candles. As we're going for a "New Years" theme for our wedding, I decided I would rather go with candles and greenery, instead of a lot of flowers (even though I LOVE flowers!). Because we won't have the element of florals to add height and dimension to our tables, we had to make sure we have a lot of different sized candles. 

One of the perks of being from Toledo is that we have an awesome glass factory – Libbey Glass – where you can get a lot of glass items at a great price. My wonderful mom started by making like a MILLION of these candles. Seriously, God bless her because I would not have had the pacience to do all of these! 

Like I said, we wanted to make sure we added some dimension to our candles, so we set off to find the perfect counterparts to these bad boys. We found these wooden candle stands, and thought they'd be a great addition. When we purchased them they were black, so all we had to do was spray paint them gold! 

From there we did the same process with candles as above, where we started with glass and filled them with wax. 

In addition to these candles, we also used this process to create our own mercury glass to add just another dimension. I am SO mad at myself for not taking pictures of this process, but I promise it was simple and fun! 

The final picture above shows the different candles we created. I cannot wait to take them to our florist in a couple months and see how they can integrate them in to their overall theme!


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