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Chilam Balam

Chilam Balam

Over few weeks ago we finally visited our neighborhood restaurant Chilam Balam (we are still trying to figure out the correct pronunciation), and it was AWESOME. This little BYOB place boasts a welcoming ambiance, friendly staff, and fantastic food. Even better, they update their menu every month, so you always get to experience something new.


David had eaten a big lunch and wasn't super hungry, so, even though we heard the ribs are a MUST order, we opted for a few small dishes instead (I guess we'll just have to go back!).

We started with these stuffed poblano peppers. I'm usually not a fan of peppers (I am a big baby about spice), but these were awesome, and perfectly balanced.


Next, we ordered the octopus dish ... If there's octopus on the menu, I am 100% ordering it – it's my favorite food – so we got this octopus, which had an awesome cream sauce. The octopus was perfectly cooked, and (I can't remember everything that was in the dish) perfectly accompanied by the sauce and veggies.


Finally, we opted for the jackfruit tacos (if you haven't had jackfruit before, it grows on trees and is in the fig family). As you can see by the look on my face below, it was deeelicious.


That last photo is seriously just pure satisfaction. 

The small dining atmosphere of this restaurant helps you to feel warm and welcome. Not only was the staff super friendly, so were the other diners! By the end of our meal David and I were shutting down the restaurant with four of our new friends – the people at the tables next to us. 

We really can't wait to go back ... I am dying to try the ribs!



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